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More and more people around the world are moving to metropolises and mega-cities – and the figure is rising. Rapid development and population growth have become one of the biggest challenges of our time.

Urban-Hub.com, the new interactive digital magazine from thyssenkrupp Elevator, shows how people are designing the cities and living spaces of tomorrow. It share interesting stories about our projects with customers, business partners and media as well as with our family and friends. 

At home, in the office, out and about: Urban-Hub.com can be easily accessed via computers, smartphones and tablets – international, informative, interactive. It is available in English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Content in Chinese will also follow.

Start exploring Urban Hub: www.urban-hub.com

New Video: Zhongshan Escalator Plant

Nowadays, more than 90% of new escalators installed in the world are delivered from China. In this fast-growing market, our Zhongshan Escalator Plant has proven a leading manufacturing site since its establishment in 2006.

It's always our wish that every customer, business associate and potential employee of thyssenkrupp Elevator can pay a visit to the plant, although some are yet to have a chance. Hence, we're pleased to present an introduction video to the factory, which will show you how thyssenkrupp Elevator intergrates engineering strength, efficient operation, organized management and customer-centric value into every piece of equipment delivered to different parts of the Asia Pacific region. 

Watch / download the video


Building on thyssenkrupp’s revolutionary TWIN elevator system, MULTI makes it possible to have several elevator cabins in a single shaft, achieving a long-pursued dream of the ultimate in shaft efficiency and a rope-less elevator system.

Watch a video presented by thyssenkrupp Elevator to see how MULTI will change vertical transportation in the future. 

ACCEL: Fostering urban mobility

thyssenkrupp Elevator has unveiled ACCEL, the most recent technological development to aid the urban shift from road to rail – the ultimate goal for all cities.

This system is able to reduce transit times in airport hubs and provide both rail and airport operators with a cost-effective solution that requires no complex civil or infrastructure work.

Visit ACCEL microsite to find out more about how ACCEL delivers solutions to meet the requirements of the mega-trend of urbanization.

Twin infographic, reference project and brochure

TWIN Infographic

You may have heard about our TWiN system before and how it saves valuable shaft space in buildings by fitting two lift cars in one shaft. Or you may have unwittingly already ridden on one in one of the many reference buildings we have around the region. So to help you better understand the surprising benefits of this unique system, we've put together the following infographic.

If you would like to know more about TWiN, please ask for our TWiN brochure or read the article published in Elevator World India.

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